We are able to perform orthodontic services for 80-90% of our patients. We offer early treatment appliances for certain conditions, traditional appliances and invisalign. We have the Itero Element Scanner, which allows us to take digital impressions and replaces having to take those messy uncomfortable alginate impressions. Here are some of the reasons why we perform orthodontics in our office:

  • parental and child comfort/trust with our office
  • no pressure for starting treatment, not having to go to an orthodontic office for consults and routine orthodontic checks.
  • Cleaning appointments. When its time for your child's bi-annual cleaning appointment, we are able to remove the wires and brackets so a better cleaning can be performed. Otherwise you would need to go to your orthodontic office to remove the wires, drive to our office to do the cleaning, and then drive back to the orthodontic office to put back on the wires.
  • Monitoring hygiene. We monitor the hygiene at each and every adjustment. There are procedures that we can perform that will help against decalcification and decay.
  • There are some procedures that should be started at an early age: dental cross-bites, underbites, severe over-jets. We are 100% comfortable with treating patients at these ages to which some orthodontists may have trouble in treating. We use a combination of orthodontic appliances and braces to correct these early orthodontic issues.

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