Laser Dentistry

What is the Solea laser?

Pediatric Dentist in Aiea, HISolea is a CO2 laser that allows us to perform many dental procedures such as fillings and soft tissue procedures without numbing or using local anesthesia. It avoids having to use a dental drill and once a procedure is completed there is no need to deal with post operative numbness.

Solea can be used on children for both primary and permanent teeth. In my experience, children need to be well behaved and be able to listen to simple instructions for the laser to work. Children who require sedation or are very young, may have a hard time with laser dentistry. A laser is slower than a drill, so patients with extensive treatment plans may be better off utilizing conventional dentistry.

Why do we offer Laser dentistry?

We are the first office in Hawaii to own multiple Solea lasers.

We use the Solea for our tongue and lip tie removals. In many cases, there is little to no bleeding and no sutures required which increases the post operative healing for these procedures.

It’s important to be up front that laser dentistry isn't for everyone. With laser dentistry some people feel nothing, some feel a cold sensation, and some people just do not like it. I DO NOT use the laser for the following procedures and do not use it on every patient:

  • Stainless steel crowns
  • For young children requiring sedation where we need to work quickly
  • Extensive treatment required, because its slower than a drill
  • Certain fillings on permanent teeth

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